About us

ByVellamo has been specialising in handmade jewelry since 2011. Sandra, the founder and creative director, is working from her home in Estonia, a tiny European country just South of Finland.

All the jewelry and accessories are handmade in her workshop, either hand stamped or engraved.  


Engraving is done with two diamond tip machines, one specialized on rings and bracelets, the other for pendants and keychains. The engraving is a less deep mark on the metal than the stamping and can be done in a variety of fonts with many symbols. Other alphabets are possible too, just inquire via message.


The hand stamped jewelry is stamped using a hammer and a steel stamp, one letter or symbol at a time. This means that it is a more forceful technique than engraving and because it is done on softer metals, leaves a deeper mark which is then inked with waterproof acrylic ink.